Armatus Solutions provides subject-matter expertise and technical competence across the disciplines of acquisition, program management, systems engineering, enterprise-architecture development, and knowledge management for the most demanding customers in the defense and intelligence communities. Leaders of key organizations developing and implementing advanced concepts for IT recognize and value our services.


The optimal balance of cost, schedule, performance and risk for the greatest probability of program success—that’s what Armatus Solutions’ knowledge and experience can help deliver. We are ready to meet the full spectrum of your program needs with seasoned advice, guidance, and hands-on help—whether for strategic planning, preparation for the next major milestone event, development of SOWs, evaluation of proposals, development of program documentation, budgeting, systems acquisitions and contracting, or financial control.


Deriving and managing requirements; developing and managing the system specification; developing DoD Architecture Framework (DoDAF) products; defining engineering processes; ensuring test requirements tie back to a system requirement; ensuring cyber security—all require specialized expertise. Knowing in detail the system engineer’s domain and its critical importance, Armatus Solutions helps ensure that the capability delivered by your program meets user requirements.


The common mission of protecting the nation demands increased information sharing among the 16 interrelated, but largely disconnected, members of the Intelligence Community. Recent legislation and the DNI will also help drive the Intelligence Community to become more seamless in our information sharing. With our keen understanding of the IC’s mission, roles, and recent policies—and our knowledge of Service Oriented Architectures and Net-Centric Warfare/Operations—Armatus Solutions is ready to help meet your information-sharing goals.